December 2018
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  1. To make the session effective, each student/group of students can only book:
    – Up to 1 consultation slot per week day.
    – Up to 2 consultation slots per weekend day.
  2. If you want to exceed the quota, you can do so on the day of consultation if the slots are free.
  3. To make the session effective, each group consultation cannot have more than 3 students per slot.
  4. To make the session concise and effective, come prepared with questions. “Cher can reteach this…?”  is not an effective way to do consultation. At least read up something to ask questions.
  5. Upon booking an appointment below, your consultation slot is NOT confirmed until I approve it. You’ll receive a WhatsApp message when your slot has been confirmed.
  6. Note that I CANNOT  meet female students for one-to-one consultations.
  7. All consultations MUST take place in public areas.
    – In school for weekdays
    – In school on Saturday morning
    – In RP on weekends.
  8. Be responsible – If you can’t turn up for consultation or need to cancel your consultation slot, please message me ASAP. Even if you’re absent from school on the day your slot has been booked, it is only responsible to inform me that you can’t come.
  9. Any students who abuse this consultation system to lie to their parents will be referred to the school discipline committee as a serious discipline case.

I want to maximise my time for all my students. So don’t hog slots unnecessarily. I will not give booking priority to students who don’t follow the rules above.